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The current situation plus the news getting worse every day can drive you crazy, right?  However, especially now it is important to stay calm, for your health and nerves. Here are 3 tips to make you feel better. 

When stress is in your organism, the immune system cannot work properly.  I learned that from Bruce Lipton. Sorry if I put it in very unscientific terms: The cell researcher explains in his audio book “Wisdom of the cells” that the self-healing and repairing powers of the cells can only work if they are undisturbed. However, if stress hormones are present, the cells must first deal with them and cannot take care of, for example, viruses. 

The second reason why stress is now counterproductive is your ability to think. As soon as stress hormones are activated, an emergency program runs within the organism.   This can be life-sustaining in an acute situation, for example when you almost run into a car and can still jump back quickly through this program. In general, however, it restricts the cerebrum’s ability to work. You simply don’t have all the ideas, skills and experience that you would otherwise have. This is not helpful at the moment and of course also not in general.

Therefore, I put together 3 tips that will help you to become calm and rational again:

  1. Concentrate on everything positive
    Probably you have a similar situation than me. Although everything is going crazy out there, you are basically doing fine. Provided, of course, that you haven’t already had serious issues that have nothing to do with Covid-19. But hopefully, you’re healthy and so is your family. You have enough food and a home to hide in for the moment. Spring is just starting and the weather is also great. And according to Prof. Dr. Drosten from the university hospital Charité we can and should enjoy it, because it is safest outdoors at the moment. Why don’t you write a whole list of things that are good right now? If some “Yes, but…” appear in your mind, just ignore them and keep writing. You will notice that your mood will improve. To start your day positively, it’s best to look at your list in the morning after waking up.
  2. Stay in the here and now
    In order for you to follow point 1 well, it helps to focus on the current moment.  Perceive, for example, the current moment while reading this. Just look at the present situation and don’t let yourself be driven crazy by what might come or what was possible last week. Just pay attention to “now” and “now” and „now”.
  3. Use the time
    Almost all people have more time now than they usually do. Kids don’t have to be transported to there activities and even you might already be sitting in your home office saving time traveling. Companies tend to work on a low flame and leisure activities are limited. So use the time to do something you don’t normally find time for: Reading, painting, walking, meditating, talking to friends on the phone. I for example notice that I’m talking more than normal to people (on the phone, on Skype or facetime). I think that’s nice. And noticeably, everyone has a little more time for a chat because they don’t have to rush from appointment to appointment. 

Even with the most pessimistic perspective, the Corona crisis will be over at some point. And of course I hope that this happens as soon as possible. But as long as I can’t change the fact that it’ s there, I’ll try to make the best of it. I hope you can too. If you still can’t, I’m here to support you. My coaching sessions are also available online – and not just since this week. 

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