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Having an easier life once and for all is not just an unattainable dream. There is a reason why more and more people are striving for a more minimalism. I have experienced myself that it works.I’ ll tell you how.

About four years ago, I started to declutter my life. At first I separated from many things, clothes, kitchen utensils and books, to name a few. Then I noticed that this minimalist mindset could be used in other areas as well. 

First I asked myself: Why should I still have this thing in my life? Does it give me pleasure? Or is it useful for me? Don’t get me wrong, I’m not an extreme minimalist. I still have a closet full of clothes, although only a small one. And don’t ask about my painting or sewing supplies. However, I no longer like to constantly stumble over things I don’t use and which are not serving me. 

Apparently decluttering trained some muscle in my brain. Suddenly I asked myself in other areas of my life: “Do I still need this and do I still want this?” Once you allow yourself to ask that question, it gives you a lot of freedom. 

Because the question is not, “Do I need to keep this for any reason or do I have to continue like this?” There would be many answers to that question: “Yes, because I’ve always done it this way.” “Yes, because I’ve invested a lot in it.” “Yes, because others would be offended or disappointed if I changed it.“ The question, “Does this still give me joy or benefit in my life?” on the other hand, offers the chance of cherry picking. Keep only the good and the best and get everything else out of your life. 

For this reason, I terminated a long-standing association membership, for example. It had been an obligation and tradition for me, but did not fit into my life anymore. I am still connected. Today, however, it is to people that more appropriate to my current situation. I gave up on my marketing agency just as I did on my Spanish teacher – I replaced both with simpler solutions that I enjoy more and that feel more appropriate. Our world is so complex and we are constantly so overloaded that an oasis of clarity and simplicity makes a real difference.

If these ideas appeal to you, I recommend from my own experience: Start with things. Declutter! There are many ways to do this. I am a big fan of Marie Kondo’s approach. But this is not the only way. It’s the result that counts. I only know this much: only when my gaze was unobstructed, because no unnecessary stuff was limiting it anymore, I could see other aspects that made my life heavy. Today I live with more ease than ever before. And I continue to work on it – there is still something to do. 

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