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Nobody will deny that body and soul (psyche) are connected. But the fact that coaching can have a direct effect on tension and pain is certainly a new thought for many. However, from my point of view there are even more parallels and connections between coaching and physiotherapy.

I’ll say it right up front. This article does not claim to be scientific at all. It is based only on my own observations and what I have learned during the years of Logosynthesis training. But recently I received feedback from a client who brought the topic to my attention and inspired me to write about it here. 

My coaching client got a headache during a session. Not for the first time, by the way. I knew from a previous session that in her case it meant that her chronic neck tension had been released. And apparently this always happens when we have released an important inner “knot”. But what she then told me I found even more exciting. She said: “I recently had one of my headaches. Looking for a tablet, I thought about the last time this had happened before. I couldn’t remember, it was so long ago. In comparison, in the past, there were at most a few days between attacks.” The great thing about it: she attributes this to our work in coaching, indeed she is sure that there is a connection. The fewer inner blockages are left, the fewer headaches she feels. By the way, the acute headache in the coaching session went away after a few minutes and a glass of water. 

It is no secret that tensions of all kinds often have psychological causes. And that is why coaching can also help effectively. I have often experienced this in Logosynthesis trainings. Many a pain – even a chronic one – dissolved when an effective coaching sequence released an inner blockage. 

Anyway, my client said at the end of our session: “You should call what you do ‘wellness for the soul’.” I thought about it and found ‘physiotherapy for the soul’ to be even more accurate. Like physiotherapy, coaching with Logosynthesis is a necessity when it ‘hurts’ somewhere. A necessity, but above all also a great opportunity to get rid of something that has been troubling a person for a long time. You might have to work up the courage to face it, but then experience shows that it always brings an improvement. 

Another parallel: coaching and physiotherapy work best when you become active yourself. In physiotherapy, this can be quite strenuous. In coaching, it happens with the support and guidance of the coach. With Logosynthesis, the work can also be done at home on your own, but you don’t have to do it. The only effort it requires between sessions is being attentive and not repressing negative thoughts and feelings, but bringing them with you to the next appointment.  

What both have in common is that over time you get better and better, you get to know yourself in a good coaching session like in a good physio, and you learn to deal with yourself, your soul or your body.  

And then there is also the cross-connection: something that physiotherapy often can’t solve for months (because it doesn’t have an actual physical cause – like tension, for example) can be solved through the work in coaching. Seen in this light, there is actually no good reason not to be coached, is there?

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